Filipina Dating Scams

Private investigator Manila reports on the Filipina Dating Scams?

Dating scams have always existed, but before the the Internet it was much more difficult to get away with. Filipina dating scams are easier now because of the Internet, where fake identities are easily created.  Furthermore, many people claim to be in love, even though their true intention is just getting your money.  With Philippines dating scam cases at an all-time high, taking the necessary steps to avoid filipino scams is highly recommended. Wilsons Detectives has 66 years of experience dealing with dating scams – romance scams throughout Asia but we are especially busy in the Philippines which has developed a ‘cottage industry’ out of scamming – abusing foreigners for finical again not matter the emotional costs foreigners.

Do you really know the Filipina that you may met on the internet? Is she really single or perhaps married with children? Is that really her in the picture or someone else? Did she really go to school, does she work, and have a good background?

As a result, Wilsons Detective Agencies Philippines can help you really understand about that special someone and ensure that you are not involved in any scams in the Philippines! In addition, the Philippines has a high degree of fraud, and famous for Filipina scammers. It is important to get a person’s background checked before you get too involved on a personal or business level

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